Packing my virtual suitcase for my virtual trip to Portugal on 15th April….plus thumb nail sketches….plus a pink super moon….

My Life as an Artist (2)

It’s time to pack my virtual suit case for my virtual trip to the School in Olhao Portugal on Wednesday 15th April. 

The 150 year old olive tree that grows from the central courtyards…..always a welcome sight. 


Along with a few clothes the most important things to remember are art materials, sun glasses, sun hat…..and always comfortable shoes/sandals.

The School is located in the middle of the old quarter of Olhao which means that you can walk everywhere and purchase anything that you may have forgotten.

Most people will bring a lovely clean palette and possibly smaller brushes, however these are some of the items I will bring.


The School is like a living organism…..embodying all the properties for life and is perfect for those who wish to create or simply be.        I am so looking forward to being there with you, even though on…

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