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The David Bain Case:

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The David Bain CaseOn June 20 1994, horrified New Zealanders awoke to the news of the Bain family murders. Five people had been shot as they lay sleeping at 65 Every Street, Andersons Bay, Dunedin. The news bulletins said one family member had survived and as yet, no one had been charged. From the outset there was strong speculation that the father Robin Bain had killed his family, then himself, sparing only eldest son David, but four days later, New Zealand got its second big shock that week, when police arrested 22-year-old David Bain, and charged him with killing his family.This was to be the start of one of New Zealand’s most complex and controversial murder investigations and the notoriety it has since gained, has not been seen since Arthur Allan Thomas’s conviction for murdering Harvey and Jeanette Crewe and his subsequent pardon with $1 million compensation. gives the reader as many of the facts and theories as it can assemble, including the views of police who investigated the killings and other police who investigated the investigation – from Joe Karam, David Bain’s staunchest supporter and from James McNeish whose book says there seems no question that David is guilty. gives you the information. Read it and decide for yourself.

The Victims
Robin, Margaret, Arawa, Laniet and Stephen.  read story…Those involved in the case
The primary people involved in the David Bain Case.  read story…The case for the prosecution
The murder theory according to the Prosecution.  read story…The court decision
David Bain convicted of the murder of his parents, his two sisters and his brother.  read story…New Allegations Vs The Facts
Allegations made after the trial and the facts as known at this time.  read story…Alternative murder/suicide theory
The Robin Bain murder/suicide theory  read story…The Crime Timeline
A possible timeline on events surrounding the phone call to emergency services.  read story…David Bain – A Profile
A profile on David Bain’s life.  read story…Joe Karam launches appeal for Bain
In January 1996 Joe Karam became involved in the campaign to free David Bain.  read story…Opinions of the remaining Bain family
What do David Bain’s relative’ think?  read story…Public Perception a Myth?
A book review by Greg O’Connor.  read story…A Dunedin Opinion
A local’s opinion on the two books by G. Stephenson  read story…The strange behaviour of Nicholas Greet
Nicholas Greet’s behaviour has still not been fully explained – what was his purpose?  read story…The evidence of Dean Cottle
Should Dean Cottle’s Evidence have been admitted?  read story…The police investigation into the handling of the case
Investigating the Investigation  read story…Police Commissoner Peter Doone – Statement on report findings
NEW ZEALAND POLICE NEWS RELEASE  read story…Summary of findings in Bain review
Bain review findings summary  read story…James McNeish comments
Why James McNeish wrote ‘The Mask Of Sanity’.  read story…David & Goliath book review
Published by Reed Books, a division of Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd. First Published: 1997 Author: Joe Karam  read story…The Mask of Sanity book review
Published by David Ling Publishing First Published: 1997 Author: James McNeish  read story…Police to sue author Joe Karam
Police officers have filed defamation action against Karam and Reed Publishers.  read story…

Published by peter petterson

Father of four, grandfather of thirteen, and great-grandfather of eight. Resides in Taita, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. Living happily in retirement and enjoying the company of my many young descendants.

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